La Prose' recipe was developed by Benoit Humblet the Master Brewer and Founder, alongside his family, of the brewery of Bertinchamps. The Humblet family has been cultivating the art of brewing for decades.

 In 2011, they discovered the farm of Bertinchamps, located nearby Gembloux. 

Although extremely old and decayed, the farm had a stunning character and was situated in an environment that equaled its prestige. It was time for some rejuvenation and the renovation project began immediately. After almost 2 years of remarkable hard work, the brewing system was finally installed in March 2013 in the old barns.

The integration of those ultra-modern fermentation tanks of a total capacity of 6.000 HL induced an astonishing contrast of modern technology and ancient farming dating back to more than 7 centuries. 

More Than a passion