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Marcin Dudek

Marcin Dudek studied at the University of Art Mozarteum, Salzburg, and Central Saint Martins, London, graduating in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Dudek has exhibited internationally at venues including Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Kunstlerhaus, Salzburg, the Arad Art Museum, the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Goethe Institute, Kiev. His installation “The Cathedral of Human Labor”, 2013, is on permanent view at the Verbeke Foundation in Antwerp, and his work is currently included in Solstices at the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice and will be shown at the Trafo Center for Contemporary Art in December 2017.

Last September Marcin held an exhibit at Harlan Levey Projects Gallery in Brussels.

He exposed personal memories of him as a teenage member of the Cracovia  football fan club. The narrative isn't about personal memories but goes well beyond to explore the materials, messages and political contexts of the stadium in an ongoing investigation of group behavior, crowd control, violence and spectacle.



Born in Ethiopia, raised in the Bronx, Awol Erizku developed a keen interest in photography while studying for his bachelor in fine arts at Cooper Union.

He then went on to obtain an MFA from Yale’s visual arts program.

His blend of pop art, materialism and minimalism has made him one of the New York's more buzzed-about young artists.

On the 21st of April 2017, one of his pieces of art was exhibited on La Prose'Label during his venue at STEMS Gallery in Brussels -

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Scott Clendaniel

“I remember watching my grandmother paint when I was little. When my family moved to Alaska when I was seven years old, she gave me an oil painting kit to take with me, and told me to paint in Alaska because it is such a beautiful place. I have been an oil painter ever since. I majored in painting in college and work as an artist full time with my wife in our studio in beautiful downtown Anchorage, Alaska. My wife quit her job after she graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration, and works full time on our art business, taking care of marketing, sales, and business development.


You can tell from my art that I am a beer enthusiast.

I am a home brewer, and enjoy sampling craft brews. In 2006 I painted a series called the Color of Beer, which consisted of ten oil paintings of pint glasses ranging in style and color from pale to dark stout. That was my first sold-out art show. So I decided to paint more paintings of beer, and embarked on painting the 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall series, which took me about four years. The project was very successful, and now I am known as the "beer artist" in Anchorage. In 2014 I painted a new beer painting every day, and the series is called the Year of Beer Paintings. Every year I have one beer-themed art show in January, during Alaska Beer Week.

Now I release new beer-themed paintings about once a week, on Thirsty Thursdays. You can see the paintings, and read about them, on my blog.” 


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